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Why make guesses about your health? Just talk to ZINI. She is an AI-powered virtual physician. She can discuss the whole scenario in detail, figure out what's wrong and guide you in a timely manner. Convenience & reliability, restored in healthcare.

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Medical API/SDK ‘Plug n Play’ Service

You can easily integrate our ‘Symptom Checker’ APIs into your existing health apps and websites. Enjoy full customization options, your personal ‘bot name’ and color theme, an admin panel to see all metrics, and full backend support from our team.

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Campus Health Assistant

Campus Health Assistant

Integrate a 24x7 virtual health assistant into the health section of your university website or app. Students can talk to this virtual health assistant 24x7 without any shyness, or problem of odd hours.

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Management System

OPD Management System

Everything OPD goes digital, more organized, and more data-driven. Instead of just waiting idle, patients now complete their ‘Interview with ZINI’. All info is shown to doctors in their dashboard. Everything is recorded and managed digitally.

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For Corporate Employees

An employee gets sick, What do they do? Take a day off, Travel to the clinic, face loss of work and income? Or, they do an instant evaluation with ZINI and save their time and money. Send the HR, their ZINI report, and connect with Doctors remotely. No false absenteeism, No unnecessary anxiety, and apprehension. A gift of health for your employees and a data-driven health analyzer for your organization. Incorporate the ZINI health assistant for your students and employees and rest assured for better health outcomes all around the year.

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Benefits of ZINI

ZINI can help every player involved in the healthcare sector from patients to healthcare professionals.

  • Discuss your symptoms

    Why google your symptoms? When you can share them with ZINI and do an active 2 way communication.

  • Get the right advice

    When there is no expert available at hand, people make do with whatever is available.

  • Available in Indian Languages

    ZINI can now talk to patients in Hindi, Punjabi and Bangla as well as English. More languages are being added in time.

Helping Brands

PGI Chandigarh
STPI Mohali
247 Company Law
LexAlliance Foundation
Motiv Ate
KNH Hospitals
IISER Mohali
Morpho Hotels

What our clients say


MotivAte fitness

Impressive and easy to use tool to check your symptom analysis. This really makes life easy with all the reporting. Great service!

— Nicolas H, CEO

ZINI App User

It can help Poor People and people who do not have access to healthcare professionals in time. It can improve a lot and I believe it may save a life in time of need.

— Anurag Sharma, User

ZINI App User

This Application has been developed with the Aim to bring Healthcare to everyone for Free!! I wish the Team best of my wishes, and all the users of this App, a better Healthcare experience.

— Ankit Mishra, User

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